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Aladdin’s Cave

Our commitment to you:
• To offer you a range of high-quality usable products hand-decorated by craftsmen in the Pakistani “truck art” style
• To consistently pay our artists a fair price for their amazing work
• To utilise recycled & sustainable materials. Our trunks, watering cans & teapots are crafted from 100% recycled tin & aluminium. We care about our planet!
• To guarantee that none of our products are mass-produced. Each item is hand-made and hand-painted and is therefore a complete one-off & totally unique.

The Truck Art of Pakistan 

The sight of brightly coloured decorated trucks rumbling across the mountain roads, highways & through the bustling cities of Pakistan is an everyday joy to behold! It is thought the trend of decorating trucks began in the 1920s when Bedford trucks were shipped over from Britain to the then British-occupied Indian sub-continent. City hauliers would paint pictures of the goods they were transporting onto the sides of these trucks so illiterate villagers in remote regions could easily understand what goods were being traded.
This trend over time developed into full decoration of the vehicles with scenes depicting the nature, animals and landscapes of the trucker’s journeys, and which today often incorporate portraits of celebrated figures…indeed it is not unusual to see Princess Diana adorning the prow of a truck! The poetic and raw beauty of truck art is a highly prized tradition which truck owners are willing to spend over 2 years’ salary to achieve. Competition to own the best truck is fierce! Each truck is hand-painted and is therefore a unique mobile piece of art.
The southern city of Karachi is the undisputed hub of the truck art phenomenon, where in excess of 50,000 people are employed in workshops dedicated to the craft. It is here that our incredible team of artists recreate their beautiful and truly unique artwork by hand and without the use of templates onto hand-crafted household & ornamental goods exclusively for us. We are incredibly proud to bring this art form to you which is little known in the West but is so rich in the effervescent culture, tradition and heritage of this vibrant nation. It thoroughly deserves to be appreciated and celebrated.
We really hope you enjoy Truck Art as much as we do 😊

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